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CHEM. , 497 (1973). P. Glockling and R. Houston, D. R. Boston and N. J. Rose, C. Eaborn, T. N. Metham, and 03 (1973). C. Eaborn, A. Pidcock and B. (I972). J. ORGANOMETAL. , £0, C31 (1973). J. AMER. CHEM. , ££, 4163 (1973). A. Pidcock, J. ORGANOMETAL. , 54, Ratcliff, J. , 43. D. Joyner Department of Chemistry Ball State University Muncie, Indiana ^7306 GENERAL Reviews and books covering various aspects of the chemistry of the group IVA elements are as follows: organometallic chemistry of tin (1-5); organometallic coordination compounds (6); organotin compounds with tintin bonding (7) and with tin bonded to another metal (8); organotins in polymer chemistry (9); kinetics and mechanisms (10); sulfinato complexes (11); synthesis by radiation (12); organometallic compounds of Ge,Sn,Pb (13); direct synthesis with copper-germanium alloys (1^,15); reactions of hydrazones, oximes, nitrones, and Schiff bases with lead tetraacetate (l6); stability of some organometallic complexes (17); biological aspects of lead (l8); lead poisoning (19); toxicity of organotin compounds (20); and "Gmelin's Handbook of Inorganic Chemistry" (21).

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