W. T. Fernie's Animal Simples. Approved for Modern Uses of Cure PDF

By W. T. Fernie

ISBN-10: 1483166740

ISBN-13: 9781483166742

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But within quite recent times a search for medicinal virtues in the glands, and several organs of healthy animals for curing diseased conditions of the same organs in man on a scientific basis, has received a really true impulse, especially through British experimentalists. Marked success has been obtained by them, for instance, through giving from a sheep the gland (thyroid) which is found at the neck in front of the upper windpipe, for a morbid enlargement of the same gland, produced in any person through living in a district where the water contains lime, and the local conditions are unfavourable to health.

This was to stand for three hours, and then the child had to drink it in three doses. Some doggerel lines were connected with the ceremony, to the effect that as Christ placed the cross on the ass's back when He rode into Jerusalem, and so rendered the animal holy, if the child touched where Jesus sat it should cough no more ; and a cure was always effected. " The late Dr. John Beddoes of Clifton, wishing to try if the flesh of the Ass were savoury, invited a party of medical students to dinner, the principal dish being the hind quarter of a plump young donkey.

BADGER. ABOUT the Badger (brock) Sextus Placitus, "Mediana de Quadrupedïbus" 1538, wrote, "Catch that four-footed neat which we name 'brock' in English, and do off the teeth from him while yet alive, those which he hath biggest; then wind them up in a linen garment, and work them in gold or silver, that they may not touch thy body ; have them with thee : then shall scathe thee neither heavenly body, nor hail, nor strong storm, nor evil man, nor shall the touch of any evil damage thee. Seethe his brain in three sextarii of oil in a new crock till that the third part be boiled away ; bottle off and preserve it.

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