Animal Puzzles for the Scroll Saw: Newly Revised Expanded, - download pdf or read online

By Judy & Dave Peterson

ISBN-10: 1565233913

ISBN-13: 9781565233913

Книга по выпиливанию головоломок из дерева, 50 проектов с пошаговыми инструкциями. Показаны образцы многочисленных животных, включая аллигатора, карибу, медведя панды, игривую сцену четырех кошек, гончей, и кокер-спаниеля, каждый проект включает цветные фотографии законченных головоломок.

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While in the Retail version you have a Touch Sensor, an IR sensor with a Remote IR Beacon, and a Color Sensor, in the Education set you have two Touch Sensors, a Color Sensor, an Ultrasonic Sensor, and a Gyroscopic Sensor. The differences between the two sets are listed in detail in Appendix B. 1 host port on its side. You can also connect up to four motors and four sensors to the Brick. The EV3 Brick can recognize which motor or sen­ sor is attached to its ports, thanks to the Auto-ID feature.

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