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By Linden Peach (auth.)

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However, the association is taken further in the emphasis placed upon an active, unruly female sexuality which women have been taught might devour them. The first three stories, 'The Bloody Chamber', 'The Courtship of Mr Lyon' and 'The Tiger's Bride', are cat family narratives where, as Merja Makinen (1992) argues, the wild felines signify 'the sensual desires that women need to acknowledge within themselves' (p. 11). The last three stories in the book are wolf family stories, concemed with a more unruly, animalistic sexuality.

I would suggest that the stories invite a number of different and, even competing, readings, as does most of Carter 's fiction. The stories are a development from Shadow Dance in that they arenot only an exploration of women's sexuality but of the ways in which men have sought to control that sexuality, of how both men and women need to reconfigure their sexualities, and of the commodification of women as 'flesh'. The trope of cannibalism in Carter's work is closely connected to its interest in oppression for, as she explains in The Sadeian Woman, she saw cannibalism 'as the most elementary act of exploitation, that of tuming the other directly into a comestible; of seeing the other in the mostprimitive terms of use' (p.

But, as Elizabeth MacAndrews (1979) points out, it eventually came tobe concemed, as in Hoffmann's story 'The Doubles', with two identities that are not separated halves of one personality but two quite separate people (p. 210). Following Hoffmann's legacy, Carter's novels employ the 'double' in her fiction as separate people, but in ways that also betray the influence of Dostoevsky, according to Peter Conradi (1988}, 'the greatest writer to have addressed hirnself so wholeheartedly to the theme of the "double"' (p.

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