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By Gocha R. Tsetskhladze

ISBN-10: 9004111905

ISBN-13: 9789004111905

This paintings bargains with the idea that of "West" and "East", as held via the traditional Greeks. The cultural trade in archaic and classical Greece in the course of the institution of Hellenic colonies is tested with new facts which the booklet makes use of to reconsider current proof and reinterpret previous theories.

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In Rostovzcff's archive [Ibid. Fond 1054. Inventory I. File 30. Page 13) a copy of the certificate is kept, written out (obviously, sent out) on 4 April (22 March). The authenticity of the copy is certified by the head clerk S. Ryshkova IR74 1942). F. Oldenburg, head clerk of the Conference of the Academy. What is interesting is that on the form is Written Academic Imperiale. although in May 1917 The Imperial Academy was renamed Russian Academy. On the form, issued on 15 June, Imperiale is blacked out in ink.

The letter arrived from St Petersburg in Stockholm on 26th May and the very next day Montclius sent an answer to Rostovtzcff (unfortunately, this letter still has not been found and it is not known whether it reached the Russian scholar or not): if the letter from Sweden to Russia look as long as it did from St Petersburg to Stockholm, Rostovtzcff apparently could not have received it—at that time he had already left Russia. 112 In his book, M . Wes (1990, 14-17) pays detailed attention to the timing of RostovtzcfTs departure, but the lack of precise information did not allow him to give a firm answer to this question.

What we know, is so unimportant to the democratic state, that it even docs not know, whether it is worth feeding its own scholars, let alone thinking about the foreign ones. Let them die of hunger, if they cannot do anything more "useful". The times, when we were flying with Erasmus, an- gone, and now even Einstein is not thought very highly of, and the price of our brother the adherent of "pure" scholarship is just a penny. But well, why talk about it. It has always been like this and always will be.

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