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4 em, fifth century Bibliography: Karl Preisendanz, Papyri Graecae Magicae, 2215-16 (lines 15-29 only); Bernard P. Grenfell and Arthur S. 238-41 Translator: Marvin Meyer Oxyrhynchus 1384 is a text consisting of three medical recipes (for a purgative, a medicinal drink for someone who has difficulty urinating, and a poultice for wounds) and two healing legends. In the first legendary account the unusual order of the persons of the Christian trinity ("in the [name of the] father and the holy [spirit and the] son," 20-22) could conceivably hint that the holy spirit may be taken as the divine mother (compare Oxyrhynchus 924 [text 15]).

9. 412-13 Translator: MalVin Meyer This text describes itself as an amulet worn by a person who is to be helped and protected (and, presumably, healed; compare lines 1720) by the power invoked through the texts cited (Psalm 91 : 1; John 1:1-2; Matthew 1:1; Mark 1:1; Luke 1:1; Psalm 118:6-7; Psalm 18:2; Matthew 4:23). 34 RITIJAL POWER IN EGYPT TEXT t In the name of the father and the son and the holy spirit. I One who dwells in the help of the most high I abide in the shelter of the lord of heaven.

TEXT lIn the name of the father] and the son and the holy Ispirit, andl our lady I the all-holy mother of god and ever-virgin Mary, and the most saintly Iforerunner John the Baptist, and the theologian St. I John the evangelist, and our saintly fathers 5 the apostles, and all the saints! I adjure every sting of the Idevil's beasts on the earth, by god and I Jesus Christ our savior, through the oil I of the Isacred baptism, tol this place where you have left Ipoisonl : I Stay lin] place and do not spread either to the heart 10 or to the head or to the vulva, but Istay where your poison, and may the person remain free of distress I through the all-holy and Ihonoredl ' name of the lalmighty god andl'Jesus Christ the Ison ..

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