New PDF release: An Introduction to: Velocity Model Building

By Ian F. Jones

ISBN-10: 9073781841

ISBN-13: 9789073781849

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18 sts Rounds 6-B: Dc around. 28 sts Main tailtin Rounds 4-5: De around 18 sts Change to C. Round I: Using A and MC, work 6 de. Change to B. Round 9: Dc around. 28 sts 6 sts Round 6: Dc around. I8 sts Change to B. Round 2: 2dc int o each st. 12 sts Break yarn, leaving a long tail. Rounds 10- 1 I : Dc around. 28 sts Rounds 3-5 : De around 12 sts Sew coekpit to body. Change to C. Break yam leaving a long tai l. Round 12: De around 28 sts Sew main t ai lfin to body. Change to A Round 13: (dc in next 12 dc, dc2tog) re p around .

Round Stitches MC S B '1 10 (Ine 5) B 3 12 B 4 24 B Ya rn Tail fin Round I: Us ing B, work Bde i Ito end of body (where hole was closed). 8 sts Round 2: 3dc into each st. 24 sts Round 3: 3dc into each st. 72 sts Break yarn and sew in taiL Round Stltche ~ Ya rn I 8 B '1 24 (in< 16) B 3 72 (in< 48) B Making u p Attach eyes to eyepieces and attach to body Embroider mouth. FUNKY FISH This little mouse is really fast and simp le to make from a scrap of yarn. It would be a brilliant , qu irky toy for a small child - or even your favourite cat .

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