An Introduction to Mathematics by Alfred North Whitehead PDF

By Alfred North Whitehead

ISBN-10: 0195002113

ISBN-13: 9780195002119

This individual little e-book bargains a brisk creation to a sequence of mathematical strategies, a heritage in their improvement, and a concise precis of ways brand new reader might use them

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The calculators use the rule that multiplication is calculated before addition. Then the store manager wrote these directions. 90 = (in pounds) (in pounds) (in pounds) 26. If the clerks punch in a calculation using these directions, will they find the correct total for the bill? Section E: Order of Operations 41 E Order of Operations What Comes First? Arithmetic trees are useful because they resolve any question about the order of the calculation. The problem is that they require a lot of room on your paper.

3 a. 9 b. 7 ⎯⎯→ ⎯⎯ ⎯⎯ ؊ 1,520 c. 6 ⎯⎯→ ⎯⎯⎯→ ⎯⎯ ⎯⎯ ؉ 5,200 ⎯ ⎯⎯→ ⎯⎯ Smart Calculations 1. For each shopping problem, write an arrow string to show the change the clerk should give the customer. Be sure to use the small-coins-and-bills-first method. Then write another arrow string that has only one arrow to show the total change. a. 59 purchase. b. 26 purchase. c. 64 purchase. 46 Expressions and Formulas 2. Rewrite these arrow strings so that each has only one arrow. ؉ 35 a. 750 ⎯⎯→ ؊3 b. 63 ⎯⎯→ ؉1 c.

2 ؋ 37 ‫ ؍‬74 ؉ 25 ‫ ؍‬99 ؋ 3 ‫ ؍‬297 7. Why is this not a good way to write the calculations? So that everyone gets the same answer to a string of calculations with different operations, mathematicians have agreed that multiplication and division should be completed before addition and subtraction in an expression. 8. Use the mathematicians’ rule to find the value for each expression. a. 32 ؉ 5 ؋ 20 b. 18 ، 3 ؉ 2 ؋ 5 c. 47 ؊ 11 ؉ 6 ؋ 8 Calculators and computers nearly always follow the mathematicians’ rule.

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