New PDF release: An Edo-English Dictionary

By Rebecca N. Agheysi

ISBN-10: 9781232536

ISBN-13: 9789781232534

Edo, also known as Bini, is the language spoken by way of a few million humans in and round Benin urban in Nigeria. it's the lanuage of the previous Benin state, recognized for its paintings.

There exist Edo-English dictionaries: this booklet and

* Melzian, Hans - A Concise Dictionary of the Bini Language of Southern Nigeria, 1937.

Other usefull books in LG for the coed of the Edo language are:

* Osayomwanbo Osemwegie Ero - Egirama Edo Nogbae (Intensive Edo Grammar), 2003
* Egharevba, Jacob - Itan Edagbon Mwen, 1972
* Ebohon, Osemwegie - Agbon-izeloghomwan Kevbe Ehengbuda, 1974

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Monosyllable: 단음절어, 단음절. obliging: 친절한, 기꺼이 남을 돌봐 주는. recess: 휴회, 휴게, 휴가, 구석, 와, 휴회하다, 은거지, 휴식, 후미진 곳, 벽장, 감추다. redeem: 이행하다, 되사다, 구조하다, 상환하다, 회복하다, 보상하다, 보충하다, 장점, 되찾다, 구해내다, 속죄하다. soothe: 달래다, 완화시키다, 가라앉히다, 위로하다, 진정시키다, 만족시키다. tainted: 더럽혀진, 썩은. undoing: 풀기, 원상태로 하기, 취소, 타락, 영락, 파멸, 끄름, 원상복구. whop: 쿵 넘어짐, 쿵 넘어지다, 철썩 때리다, 철썩 때림, 완패시키다, 그 소리, 때리다, 때려눕히다, 채찍질하다, 벌떡 넘어지다, 때림. 38 Oliver Twist pledge, most honourably. % For a second or two, Oliver glanced up the street, and down the street, and over the way: impressed with the belief that the unknown, who had addressed him through the key-hole, had walked a few paces off, to warm himself; for nobody did he see but a big charity-boy, sitting on a post in front of the house, eating a slice of bread and butter: which he cut into wedges, the size of his mouth, with a clasp-knife, and then consumed with great dexterity.

Positively: 적극적으로, 절대적으로, 확실히, 긍정적으로, 명확하게, 전적으로. 재산, 재산, 흘림. pronounce: 발음하다, 의견을 말하다, 판단을 내리다, 선고하다, 말하다, 단언하다-발음하다, 선언하다. quartered: 숙사가 주어진. sharply: 날카롭게, 빈틈없이, 갑자기, 또렷하게, 세게, 민첩하게, 심하게. totally: 전혀, 모조리, 전적으로. treat: 대접하다, 논하다, 대우하다, 간주하다, 취급하다, 한턱, 향응하다, 향음, 한턱내다, 즐거운 일, 처리하다. unsupported: 받쳐지지 않은, 지지되지 않은. 28 Oliver Twist CHAPTER IV OLIVER, BEING OFFERED ANOTHER PLACE, MAKES HIS FIRST ENTRY INTO PUBLIC LIFE In%great families, when an advantageous place cannot be obtained, either in possession, reversion, remainder, or expectancy, for the young man who is growing up, it is a very general custom to send him to sea.

Manifold: 다양한, 다방면의, 복사를 뜨다, 여러가지의, 다수의, 사본, 다양성, 복사 지로 복사한 사본, 복사기로 복사한 사본. playful: 놀기 좋아하는, 농담의. reversion: 역전, 복귀, 전도, 재산의 복귀, 되돌아감, 전환, 장래지불받을 돈, 유전, 환원유전, 격세유전, 복귀재산. salutary: 유익한, 건강에 좋은. shipping: 해운업, 선박, 선박 톤수, 선적, 실어 보내기, 출하, 수송, 배에 싣기, 선박주, 해운, 적하. skipper: 기장, 주장, 팔랑나비, 선장, 팔딱 팔딱 뛰는 곤충, 주장 일을 맡아보다, 구더기, 선장 일을 맡아보다, 생각이 얕은 젊은이, 뛰는 사람. unhealthy: 건강치 못한, 불건전한, 위험한, 건강하지 못한, 건강에 해로운. Charles Dickens 29 result of his mission; when he encountered at the gate, no less a person than Mr. % Mr.

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