American Triumvirate: Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, Ben Hogan, by James Dodson PDF

By James Dodson

With compelling aspect and natural ardour, James Dodson recounts the singular brilliance of 3 golfing titans and the way they stored the pro journey and created the sport as we all know it today.
During the melancholy golfing was once in predicament. As a spectator activity it was once at the verge of extinction. This used to be the sad prospect dealing with Sam Snead, Byron Nelson, and Ben Hogan –two dirt-poor boys from Texas and one other from Virginia, who had committed themselves to the game. yet then lightning struck, and from the overdue thirties into the fifties those 3 males have been so completely dominant that they reworked either how the sport used to be performed and the way society looked it. Paving the way in which for the next approval for avid gamers from Arnold Palmer to Tiger Woods, they have been, and should constantly stay, a triumvirate for the ages.

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