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Classes of transcript identified in mature unfertilized eggs include messenger RNAs (mRNA), ribosomal RNAs (rRNA), transfer RNAs (tRNA) and other low molecular weight species, as well as mitochondrial RNAs. In addition, a class of large, nontranslatable polyadenylated transcripts distinguished by the presence at internal locations of interspersed repetitive sequences has been found in eggs of sea urchins and amphibians. The function of these "interspersed RNA" molecules, if any, is not yet known.

B)-(e) Two dimensional gel electrophoretic analyses of proteins synthesized in Pleurodeles oocytes injected with cultured Xenopus kidney cell nuclei, (b)-(c) and (d)-(e) represent different regions of the gel, as indicated by the pH and molecular weight coordinates, (b), (d) Oocytes labeled immediately after injection of nuclei; (c), (e) Oocytes equivalently labeled on day 7 following injection. Upward arrows indicate the positions of Xenopus proteins synthesized only in oocytes; downward arrows, the positions of Xenopus proteins synthesized both in oocytes and in the cultured cells from which the transplanted nuclei derived.

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