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Greater than phrases были созданы с целями:a) помочь студентам узнать больше о словах, то есть дать полное знание о слове и его использовании в английскомb) помочь студентам узнать больше о соварах, ассоциируемых с определенной тематикой (здоровье, сон, прогулка, одежда, чувства и настроение, связи, характеры) чтобы помочь студентам запомнить эти слова и практиковать их.

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Zeuglodon a prehistoric forerunner of the whale A rchitecture ArCHiteCture terms arcuated having arches. ashlar any type of squared building stone. abutment the mass of masonry that receives the astylar without columns; a facade lacking columns or pilasters of any kind. thrust of an arch or vault. acanthus Mediterranean plant whose leaves are represented as decoration on the capitals of Corinthian and composite columns. atlas a figure of a man used in place of a supporting column. backing brick a lower-quality brick used behind allegory any symbolic sculpture.

ARChITECTuRE soffit the exposed surface underneath an architectural member, such as an arch, beam, or lintel. BridGes splay a large bevel. abutment the support at either end of a bridge. stretcher a brick or stone laid lengthwise; opposite of a header. aqueduct bridge structure designed to convey water stringer in a stairway, the cut, inclined board on which the steps rest. stucco textured plaster or cement used on walls for a decorative effect. swag a relief ornament resembling garlands and gathered drapery.

Carapace a hard covering of the body of some insects, for protection from predators. caste system a social system in which each insect in a insectivore any animal or insect that eats insects. instar any single stage of insect development in colony has a clearly defined role. Termites, for example, have four castes: workers, soldiers, kings, and queens. which the insect is transformed from one form to another; some insects have more than a half dozen such instars or stages. cephalothorax the first segment of a spider’s body, including the head and thorax.

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