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Anomalous electron-spin kingdom populations within the Electron Paramagnetic Re­ sonance (EPR) spectra of radicals shaped in the course of radio lysis experiments have been saw in 1963 by means of FESSENDEN and SCHULER [170a]. This phenomenon didn't obtain a lot realization on the time. In 1967, BARGON, FISCHER, and JOHNSEN [5] and independently WARD and LAWLER [7,8] said the same phenomenon for Nuclear Magnetic Resonance (NMR) spectra taken in the course of radical reactions: emission or more advantageous absorption, or either.

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Nodal method was presented. dependent Next, the transient polynomial corrected As a result of the similarity 60 with the static in the nodal nodal equations with the static equations, finite- nodal equations dynamic frequencies, the time derivatives and the similarity The was the same non- linear iterative solution procedure t'an be used to solve the nodal equations, Next, the time-differencing schemes were presented, 'File theta method was ap. hydraulic nisms were discussed. meat of partially to provide accurate results when large tinte method, and shape functions, were obtained.

24b) _nd evaluating the inner l)roducts resulting in tot(_,), d_ -_" (_') - '? (h_) =",,,3 : -- _ _l,n. 4 . direction. leakage Ira, this approxinlation, directed apl_roxinlation transverse leakage is expanded B-21, dependence in a quadratl,' polynomial is the tile u. direction, This polynomial, however, is used only for the central node. averaged transverse leakage fi,r node (1, m. -1 /u_,, _"'""(r,) ,lu (2,36) and the quadratic polynomiMsare (,,-i:_,,) ' _' hl, (u - ,,,)' ¢"' hl,/ ' The coefficients ofthesepolynomials areobtainedl_yrequiring thequadratic to pre.

Anottter t, hoit'e the weiKhtitllt ..... c, t)r i_ for w to I,e a ve,,tor ,,f {,,_'} for products peril)rill _|)pro_ch t:)fdet ernlinini _ttlltlnt&tjOlltt .... the eigenvalue ill tile _:ttrrent "gelter_tion" re|)re_etlt_ _tn iter_titm, infornlatiolt its the fueled over the fissJott _ource, rettio. wetor "generation", sitar inner represents a triers physiea[ by takinK the ratio of the neutron tt) tile previous Thit_ weiihting tilt ,ueh produc loft t_ where a "generation" choice Mso ha_ the benefit of only whit'h le_t|s to a tilers atilt)Is ttera _lOttprot'edure !

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