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An curiosity within the heart a long time frequently brings the non-specialist reader up brief opposed to a observe or time period which isn't understood or simply imperfectly understood. This dictionary is meant to place an finish to all that: it's been designed to be of genuine support to normal readers and experts alike. The dictionary comprises a few 3,400 phrases as headwords, starting from the criminal and ecclesiastic to the extra prosaic phrases of everyday life. Latin used to be the language of the church, legislations and govt, and plenty of Latin phrases illustrated listed below are usually present in glossy books of heritage of the interval; equally, the perfect which means of outdated English and heart English phrases may well elude modern day reader: this dictionary endeavours to supply readability. as well as definition, etymologies of many phrases are given, within the trust that realizing the beginning and evolution of a note supplies a greater figuring out. There also are examples of medieval phrases and words nonetheless in use at the present time, a different reduction to clarifying that means.

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The use of mounted archers emerged in the 1330s, allowing them to fight on foot or horseback, as needed. The foot archer was worth 2d or 3d a day; during the *Hundred Years’ War, fighting on horseback, an archer was worth 6d a day. The Latin form was *arcarius. [< L arcus = bow] – Cf. Crossbow; Longbow Arches, Court of. See Curia de Arcubus Arcuation. A curve shaped like an arch or bow; ‘arcuated’ is the adjectival form. Ard-ri. High king of Ireland. High kings ruled in Ireland but rarely without some opposition, as they were not always acknowledged by provincial kings.

Bat = pack-saddle] Bath, Order of the. The full modern name is The Most Honourable Order of the Bath; but in the Middle Ages it was not a formal order of knighthood. The name represents a relic of the rituals attendant on the conferring of a knighthood. After a night of vigil in a church, the candidate took a purifying bath before he heard mass. Dubbing knights at a state occasion was common in Henry V’s reign. The order fell out of fashion until the early 18c, when it was revived by the then *Garter King of Arms.

Baldachin [baldacchino, baldaquin, baudekin]. Material richly woven with silk and gold thread (known as olosericum) of the 14c and the 15c; a freestanding cover or canopy over the altar; also the canopy used at the most solemn moment during the coronation of an English monarch, as a protection against the mystical instant of the anointing with holy oil being witnessed by ordinary mortals, and used as such in 1953 during the coronation of Elizabeth II to exclude the television cameras; also, an elaborate cover of stone and wrought metal fixed to the roof or supported by the columns of tomb or niche; it reached a pinnacle of elaborate ornamentation during the Baroque, 17–18c.

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