New PDF release: A Dictionary of Islamic Terms

By Dr. Muhammad Ali Alkhuli

Dictionary of Islamic phrases (English-Arabic/Arabic-English)

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B L k c . ) unbelieving woman 0 * sharp-edged arrow niche , Ii;k. ) S < -, ' &jyl bl -. & , angels $% station of Abraham ;+ik praised station loathed + & abhorrence of vices $I~J\ the Powerful $, :;&, +, o5 A, the Forwarder 5 3% salt and bitter *&, poor L& the Turner of k$ on-touch sale i~ +! 1 angel the rich the dominion &j\ rejecters of faith I. ion spG sinful deeds -, 4 h2u' r ; . 1 war booty 2 consecration clothing ? + Abraham's Station i3$ stance of Abraham undesirable stern and severe id.

2 evil *. ) Islamic - 0 jy reliable witness doubtful matters ,. I1 G 43 &,&& $' 3" God's symbols ordain "$3 decree & ? ; religious rituals , A\ God's decree e! the four parts * 0 5 k;jJb feeling of guilt legitimacy J+ or>. -, . -;& :9G? I ij3 iu,ij3 , iJ3 stipulations of the GljJl+k 4 0. half a date 32 paganism pilgrimage ;+ 2 dispute '2 , # jw marriage contract J sacred law Islamic law Divine law Islamic law &hyl , * &c;;l, , &2 J partner partner with God witness G ! ) &JUI righteous deeds '9 ' 2 rl :&" 2 :sL# .

I pre-emptor pure J approved divorce 9J$ revocable divorce e5 is approved divorce I@ &j, seal his heart Sufi orders unlawful food 2 LJ? & '3 suspicion conjecture ;%k unjust J+ 2 :@ oppressor divorce by zihar injurious assimilation undivided hoof ;& c%ll onrush encompassing +bdyl>$ the first demand 26 $ 3 I2 3 ij&i ? j;b be clean purify sanctify +I J. i l the Year of the Elephant &!! ) devotions sane e ~ ? ast ten the firmest hand-hold it\+*II . j\ >d q&j\q ,'? heavy punishment &\L SW EG\ LG -, I i& waiting period idda probation period i;hij L = k & JZ I attest him D r r 8.

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