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;A Dictionary of seize words ГУМАНИТАРНЫЕ НАУКИ,НАУКА и УЧЕБА Автор: Eric Partridge Название: A Dictionary of seize words Издательство: RoutledgeГод: 2005 Формат: pdf Размер: five Mb Язык: английскийFrequently, trap words aren't, within the grammarians’ experience, words in any respect, yet sentences. seize words, just like the heavily associated proverbial sayings, are self-contained, as, evidently, clichйs are too. capture words are typically extra pointed and ‘human’ than clichйs, even though the previous occasionally come up from, and infrequently they generate, the latter. sometimes, seize words stem from too recognized quotations. capture words frequently supply—indeed they are—conversational gambits; frequently, too, they upload a pithy, maybe earthy, remark. except the unavoidable ‘he-she’ and ‘we-you-they’ conveniences, they're immutable. you've gotten perceived that the kinds capture word, Proverbial asserting, recognized Quotations, Clichй, may well coexist:they aren't snobbishly particular, anyone of the other. actually depends at the context, the nuance, the tone. rapidshare zero

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Adds, 1976, the var. and Fanny’s your aunt, which, he says, was made simply because of an association with fanny, the female pudend, esp. among raffish adolescent males. Brendon, Eminent Edwardians, 1979: ‘When, in 1887, Balfour was unexpectedly promoted to the vital frontline post of Chief Secretary for Ireland by his uncle Robert, Lord Salisbury (a stroke of nepotism that inspired the catch-phrase “Bob’s your uncle”), Parnell’s supporters derided him as “the scented popinjay”…’ and call it ‘it’.

Was, at least in origin, and records it for 1832; ODEP also records an apparently short-lived I’ll lay all Lombard Street to an egg-shell, with date 1752. : was this last a pun, perhaps? all mouth and trousers. ) mid—C20. Cf all wind and piss. P. that it is a euph. for all prick and breeches, addressed, as you’re all…, or applied, he’s all…, to a loudmouthed, blustering fellow: since c. 1920. all my eye (and Betty Martin), often prec. by it’s or that’s. ’ The shorter form seems to have been the earlier, Goldsmith using it in 1768; yet Francis Grose, in his dictionary, shows the var.

And like it! ‘A naval expression anticipating a grouse and added to any instruction for an awkward and unwanted job’ (H & P); it prob. arose during WW1. g. ‘So they don’t want to fix it? ’ Cf away you go, laughing! and like that. ‘The summarized continuation, or indication of a continued series, has long been a staple of kids’ talk. ’ in The New York Times Magazine, 23 July 1978): since c. : and all like that is another version. I have also heard, c. 1980, and and and, and among Brit. Army signallers, the vocalised morse dee-dah dee-dah dee-dah.

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