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Quoth the King, "Now, by the life of my head! " So he set off gallopping on the gazelle's trail and gave not over tracking till he reached the foot hills of a mountain chain where the quarry made for a cave. Then the King cast off at it the falcon which presently caught it up and, swooping down, drove her talons into its eyes, bewildering and blinding it;[FN#88] and the King drew his mace and struck a blow which rolled the game over. He then dismounted; and, after cutting the antelope's throat and flaying the body, hung it to the pommel of his saddle.

And recited this couplet: Come back and so will I! Keep faith and so will I! * But if ye fain forsake, I'll requite till quits we cry! And Shahrazad perceived the dawn of day and ceased saying her permitted say. " Then he sent for the Fisherman and commended him to bring four other fish like the first and to take with him three men as witnesses.

And the Minister answered, "O King, an thou be asleep, wake up! " Rejoined the King, "Fie upon thee! This is a true friend who is favoured by me above all men, because he cured me with some thing which I held in my hand, and he healed my leprosy which had baffled all physicians; indeed he is one whose like may not be found in these days--no, not in the whole world from furthest east to utmost west! And it is of such a man thou sayest such hard sayings. Now from this day forward I allot him a settled solde and allowances, every month a thousand gold pieces; and, were I to share with him my realm 'twere but a little matter.

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